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Tackling like Bobby Moore

It’s a new season and my son’s team has graduated from 9 players in the side to 11 for the first time. It’s a big step up for the boys - mostly in terms of fitness given the extra ground the players need to cover on the full size pitches - and the larger squad means that we have taken on some new players.

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New season - new rules

Increasingly in youth football, parental behaviour is under the microscope. As the new season starts, now is the best time to lay the law down and establish some ground rules of behaviour for the parents in your club.

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KAPA just got a big upgrade

As part of our mission to make KAPA the best product for managing your club and your teams we just launched a major upgrade to KAPA.

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Pre-season training

Many teams won’t think too much about pre-season training for their squads but running a structured programme for your players is a great way to get the team in shape, create focus and bond the group together before the season starts in earnest.

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Dealing with performance anxiety and stress

Have you ever seen a penalty shoot-out with 10 missed penalties? We did this weekend. Find out how to help your team deal with pressure…

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It's the end of the season - now the real work starts

The end of May signals the end of the football season, though many leagues close earlier. Whenever you finish, if you are a club organiser, the close season can often be the busiest time of the year.

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5 Things you Need to do to Protect Your Club From Spear Phishing Attacks

Here at KAPA HQ, we were really saddened to hear of the recent scam on Reading based community football club, Laurel Park FC. Through a highly targeted phishing attack, they were conned out of £28,000 that was earmarked for equipment upgrades and kit for next season. It’s a growing problem and we commiserate with the club and in particular the treasurer who was the victim in this case. He was an experienced accountant which goes to prove how convincing these attacks can be.

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Feeling sad it's the end of the season? 5 ideas to finish your season well.

I’m Neil, co-founder of KAPA, the app for sport clubs to communicate, organise and collect payments. As well as running sport clubs myself in the past, I currently help run my son’s football team. We made KAPA to solve the problems that club leaders face every week. Here’s the latest in my series of blog posts on running a team.

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Spring is here, so get ready for those summer tournaments!

The clocks have gone forward, the sun is (slightly) more prominent in the sky and you will all no doubt be thinking about those summer tournaments. We’ve put together a quick guide of some things you can do to make them easier on you and your team.

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How to run a quiz night
Quiz night - and other fundraisers

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Three extra ways to support your kids during a game

We love to shout encouragement to our kids on the sidelines every weekend but how else can we support them in their efforts on the pitch? One way is to think about what we feed them on match day. This can have a much bigger effect on performance than you think. Here are three simple ways to help your budding striker hit the ground running.

Why you should try KAPA's chat, payments and organisation tools for your team

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Best Christmas Gifts For Runners

Finding Christmas gifts for the running nuts in your life just got a whole lot easier. We’ve searched the best Running sites for you and found these great gifts. Got some better ideas? Let us know on Twitter @getkapa. Use the tag #runningxmas.

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Best Christmas Gifts For Rugby Fans

Finding Christmas gifts for the Rugby fans in your life just got a whole lot easier. We’ve searched the best Rugby sites for you and found these great gifts. Got some better ideas? Let us know on Twitter @getkapa. Use the tag #rugbyxmas.

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Sign Up To KAPA - And Leave WhatsApp On The Bench.

Many larger sport clubs have various ways of communicating with their members. They might use a free website builder to create a team website. Or they could use team management software that uses email to send out availability requests.

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Why having a website for your sports club is so yesterday... and messaging is where it’s at.

You’re looking for a free team website builder to create your sports club website. Fair enough. A bit 1998, but OK …

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Better sports team management in under 30 seconds

At KAPA we know how much effort it takes to run a club. You can spend a significant amount of time keeping members up to date with the latest news, gathering availability for matches and collecting payments for subs or fees.

Do you want a ball that comes back by itself?

A ball that returns itself. That’s clever.

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KAPA is live!

Today, we are announcing the launch of KAPA in the iTunes app store and the Android Play Store. KAPA is an app for clubs to chat, pay and organise.

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Time to get organised

Summer’s over. Back to school, back to work.

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When referees show themselves the red card

It happened again this summer. A couple of refs at a large kids’ football tournament in Surrey decided that they’d had enough of the abuse they received over an extended period and simply walked off the pitch, refusing to continue to officiate the game.

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Keeping teams engaged through simple, fast communication

The best thing about being part of a team is the sense of belonging. That can manifest itself in many different ways.

WhatsApp, Facebook and your data

Last week, WhatsApp announced a change to its privacy policy. As a user, I discovered this when I opened the app to find the request and saw that I couldn’t use the app unless I agreed to them. As millions of people will have done, I just wanted to get past the update to the T&C’s to get to the thing I needed to do and agreed, without reading the terms, with two simple taps.

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Practice on Tuesday, Bank on Wednesday

We recently spoke to the manager of a boys’ football club who told us that because he unexpectedly had to help manage four squads of boys’ football, around £20,000 of club money had washed through his personal account during the course of a season.

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We’ve all been there. You’re sitting there quietly watching the latest box set or reading a book. And you get a ping.

Team GB or Team UK?

What you call your club can sometimes be a tricky choice. A question often asked (in my house anyway) relates to the naming of the team that the UK sends to the Olympics. Why are they called Team GB? Shouldn’t it be Team UK?