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Once you have downloaded the app, you will see some screens showing you how the app works. Tap Get Started or scroll through the pages. You’ll see a chat screen with the KAPA bot asking you to input your name. Use the message bar at the foot of the screen to enter your name and tap Send. Responses can be made by sending messages using this method or by tapping the green quick response buttons when they are shown. You can either sign in using your email (which will need to be verified by clicking on an email that we send to you) or by using Facebook. Please remember to turn on notifications so that you never miss a message from your team.

First, download the app from the appropriate AppStore - you’ll find the links on the homepage. Then, follow the chat prompts to sign-in to the app. Once you’ve done that, KAPA will ask you if you want to join an existing club or create a new one. Simply tap Create New and tell KAPA the name of your club. Then invite some members by telling KAPA their email address. KAPA will email them with full instructions on how to join you.

There are lots of ways to get your members invited into your club. From inside the app, tap on Manage Club then Manage Members. Tap Add on the top right hand of the screen. Then you can either invite members individually by filling out the name and email for the member, or add them in groups using your Contacts list. Just select which members you want and tap Invite. KAPA will do the rest. You can also invite members using our web admin console at https://go.getkapa.com. Just sign-in using the same email address. Then click the plus icon next to the club name and you’ll be given the option to Add Member or Upload CSV. If you have a lot of people to add, uploading a file of your members will be much quicker and there are instructions on how to complete this on the site. Adding members individually is easy too using the Add Member link.

From the Menu, scroll down to the list of members under the Direct Messages header. This shows the first ten members so you may have to tap more to see the one that you want. Tap on their name and you’ll go to a private group with just you and the other person. All messages in this group can only be seen by you and the other person and so are completely private.

From the Menu, select the group that you would like to message. Tap on the name of the group and you’ll go to the group where you will be able to see all of the previous message history. Send messages using the bar at the foot of the screen. Your message will be visible to all the members of the group.

Yes. Tap the plus icon in the message bar at the foot of the screen. Choose what kind of file you want to add. You can add a picture direct from the Camera, from the Camera Roll or by choosing a file stored in Dropbox, iCloud or Google Drive. The attachment will appear in the posted message.

Yes. Tap and hold the text of a message and you’ll see the option to delete the message or copy the text of a message. If you want to delete a document you have posted, you’ll need to tap on the your name or profile icon to bring up the selection.

You can create a group if you are an organiser for your club. From within the app, open the Menu. The tap the plus icon next to Groups. This opens a page where you can decide what your group is called, who is a member and what kind of group you want to make. A group can be open - where everyone can post into it - or closed - where only organisers can post. Closed groups are useful for posting updates to a large number of people or posting useful links or email addresses.

Tap on the plus icon next to Activities. At the foot of the screen, tap New Event. Complete all of the fields and don’t forget to invite the right people to your event. You can invite groups, individual members or a combination of the two.

When you have been invited to an event, the summary appears either in the group that it was sent to. If you were invited individually, it will appear in the KAPA group. Tap on the summary to expand the event and then you can choose to respond by tapping Going or Not Going. You can also add this event to your calendar from this screen or link to Google Maps for driving directions.

Yes. You can have as many organisers for your club as you like. They will be able to create events and payments for all of the groups in your club. To give them the ability to do this, go to their profile. Tap Menu then Manage Club then Manage Members. Choose the member you want and then tap the Organiser slider to on (green). Don’t forget to tap Update Profile. The member will now be able to see the plus icons in their menu screens, giving them the ability to create events and payments.

Go to http://go.getkapa.com. Log in using the same email and click on Payments. Follow the instructions on the screens to complete the process of nominating your bank account so that we can transfer your collected money to you.

Tap on the plus icon next to Activities. At the foot of the screen, tap New Payment. Complete all of the fields and don’t forget to invite the right people to your event. Remember that Payments are one-off by default but can be set to recurring. You will need to specify if they are to recur daily, weekly or monthly. You can invite groups, individual members or a combination of the two.

As a club member, you can pay for things using your credit or debit card. If you have an iPhone, you can also use Apple Pay. Just tap on a payment request and tap Pay. Enter your card details to make a payment. If you want to, you can store your card details securely so that you do not have to enter them every time you want to make a payment. Events may have payments attached to them. In this case, indicating that you are Going will start the payment collection.

If you no longer wish to attend a paid event or wish to cancel a payment, just tap Not Going or Cancel. This will automatically refund the payment that you have made. Please note that your club may choose to disable the ability for members to do their own refunds close to the date of the event or payment. In this case, you will need to talk to your club to arrange a refund.

If a club collects money for an event or a payment which is later cancelled, KAPA will automatically process refunds for all of the completed payments relating to that event or payment.

To turn web notfications on or off please see the following article

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