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KAPA Pricing

With KAPA, it’s always free to use the messaging and event organisation tools. If you want to use the app to collect payments, we have two levels of subscription to make it easy for any size club to get the best out of KAPA.

No Commitment Plan

Our No Commitment plan lets clubs benefit from the simple payment mechanism in KAPA. We transfer the cash that you collect directly into your account and charge you 3% plus 40p per transaction. See how those charges work out in the table below.

Member Pays KAPA Charges
£10 £0.70
£20 £1
£30 £1.90

Who is it for?

This plan is ideal for new clubs who want to try out collecting payments through KAPA or if you just want to collect ad-hoc payments for things like fundraisers or tournaments. It’s easy to set up - just sign-in to go.getkapa.com and tell us which bank account to transfer your money to. Use it as much or as little as you want - we only charge you when you use the service.


Subscription Plan

For clubs that collect payments regularly, our subscription plans reduce the cost of transactions down to 1.9% plus 20p per transaction. Subscription rates vary depending on the number of members in your club.

Number of Members Monthly Cost
Less than 40 £10
40-200 £20
200+ £30

Who is it for?

This plan is ideal for clubs who want to collect regular payments or who collect more than about £4,000 per year. It’s easy to sign up - just sign-in to go.getkapa.com and we’ll help you create a direct debit from your account for your subscription plan and use those same details to transfer the money that you collect. You can choose a different account for your transfers, if you need to.


Setting up your account

Setting up your club to accept payments only takes a few minutes. Once you have told us which account you want your money transferred to, we activate the payments area of the app enabling you to set up one-off, recurring or event-driven payments immediately. For help on how to set up your club for payments, go to our Help